Minimum Age: 18 Schedule: Mon - Thur; 4-6h daily
Language Requirements: Int. Spanish Start Dates: Fridays, Every 2 Weeks
Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks Families & Groups: Yes
Minimum Fee: $824 for 2 week Internet: WIFI Internet
Accomodation: Homestay / Dorms Booking Date: 3 months in advance

Project Overview: This project?s aim is to help children in an underprivileged community of Costa Rica. The community center was created to provide hope and possibilities for children born into families of poverty and illiteracy and where academic failure is accepted and recognized as normal.

The center stresses the importance of literacy, non-violent behavior and academic success. Sessions at the center are divided into areas where the children learn to read, do their homework and play, supervised by volunteers.

Your Role: You will be supervising and taking part in reading and recreational activities with the children. These children are often neglected at home and need love and attention. While playing games, sports, and spending time with the children may not feel like work, you are accomplishing an important task by building up their confidence and self-esteem and more importantly keeping them of the roads after school.

Participants are asked to come prepared to do arts and craft activities with the children like making friendship bracelets and paper airplanes etc. You share with them any hobbies you may have. You will need to bring loads of energy to supervise and to join in and play sports like soccer and basketball.

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