Minimum Age: 18 Schedule: Mon - Thur; 4-6h daily
Language Requirements: Basic Spanish Start Dates: Fridays, Every 2 Weeks
Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks Families & Groups: Yes
Minimum Fee: $824 for 2 week Internet: WIFI Internet
Accomodation: Homestay / Dorms Booking Date: 3 months in advance

Project Overview: The construction project works with a foundation that finances building homes in rural areas of Costa Rica. The aim is to decrease urbanization, and provide extra income to the neighborhoods where the homes are being built. The foundation finances and manages construction projects from the application stage to building and provides payments in installments to home builders.

Your Role: You will work along side the local labor force to build the home. You may find yourself involved in any number of tasks including digging holes, roofing, repairing older buildings or homes, mixing cement, assembling septic tanks, and building retaining walls.

Come prepared to work hard and get dirty on this project. You will be assisting a few laborers as they build these houses, so your help will make their job go faster.

Your involvement in the more skilled aspects of the construction will be determined by your knowledge and ability to perform these tasks. You will be with other volunteers and the local work force. During the raining season rain may disturb your working week. Please be flexible as this is not within our control.

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