Minimum Age: 18 Schedule: Mon - Thur; 4-6h daily
Language Requirements: Basic Spanish Start Dates: Fridays, Every 2 Weeks
Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks Families & Groups: Yes
Minimum Fee: $824 for 2 week Internet: WIFI Internet
Accomodation: Homestay / Dorms Booking Date: 3 months in advance

Project Overview: A large acreage of land near San Ramon, Costa Rica has been transformed into a protected reserve after its forest was cut down for cattle grazing. The surrounding community pooled together and built this reserve after noticing the sharp drop in the land's water resources. Reforestation, water conservation, and preservation of the land's natural state is the goal of the reserve. After a short period of time, the conservation work done at the reserve has already had a noticeable effect on the health of the reserve's environment and its resources.

You will join a team of local and international volunteers to help the reserve grow. This gives you a great opportunity to experience Costa Rica's climate by working within the new forest , strengthening the environment and its biodiversity. The work is mainly outdoors, and is geared toward improving sustainability. Volunteers shouldn't mind getting dirty, doing manual labor, and dealing with tropical weather.

Your Role: You'll be cleaning the grounds of the reserve; creating new trails; working in the butterfly garden and greenhouse; and planting and caring for new trees. You'll also educate the local communities and schools on environmental conservation, inspiring the people to do their part in protecting their land.

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