Minimum Age: 18 Schedule: Mon - Thur; 4-6h daily
Language Requirements: Basic Spanish Start Dates: Fridays, Every 2 Weeks
Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks Families & Groups: Yes
Minimum Fee: $824 for 2 week Internet: WIFI Internet
Accomodation: Homestay / Dorms Booking Date: 3 months in advance

Project Overview: The Sports project involves working as a Physical Education (PE) Teacher in rural elementary schools in San Ramon. We work with several elementary schools in the rural parts of town to improve the physical education classes. Most schools have limited budgets so the PE teacher is the last to be employed. In-fact most schools don?t employ a PE teacher, but rather have another teacher supervise periods where a ball is thrown into a field for 30 minutes.

Participants do not need to be professional sports teachers or coaches to be placed on this project. The main requirement is a love of sports, recreation and physical fitness. If you are an expert in any area of sports please come prepared to share these skills.

Your Role: You will be volunteering as a PE teacher or as an assistant to a PE teacher. You will be expected to become involved and to lead PE sessions and encouraging the students to have fun while practicing their skills or getting some exercise.

You will may be volunteering at one school or at different schools each day as well as teach and supervise the sports sessions at the community education center.

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