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About Us A bit of history...

The Association of International Volunteers of Costa Rica, also known as AVIC, is a local Non-Profit Association whose mission is to Manage and Host International Volunteers in their placements in Costa Rica.

AVIC is registered in San Ramon, in the Central Valley province of Alajuela. San Ramon is a medium sized traditional coffee growing town, only 45 minutes from the capital of San Jose. The town is located right in the center of Costa Rica, making it a great base to volunteer and explore the country.

AVIC was originally set up in 2009 to host volunteers sent to Costa Rica through the uVolunteer program, an International Volunteer Recruitment & Sending Agency. As uVolunteer's local partner, AVIC’s responsibilities was to arrange, coordinate and manage all volunteers and their placements once they arrived in Costa Rica.

As of 2012, AVIC’s mission has been expanded to allow it to:

  1. Receive volunteers from other International Volunteer Recruitment Organizations
  2. To enroll participants online and locally via: http://www.volunteercr.org
  3. To work with local Industry Partners and Associations

With these changes, AVIC has now become a Premium Volunteer Hosting Provider in Costa Rica. We are your local specialist when it comes to Hosting volunteers in Costa Ricasimply because this is our core business and we don’t have to worry about anything else. Pura Vida !

Moving forward

And we have a great team in Costa Rica that is highly experienced in taking care of visitors. We proudly claim to offer services not available through any other organization in Costa Rica. Just ask our volunteers!

Our method of working lets us focus on the most important part of your trip, your volunteer placement and taking care of you once you arrive to Costa Rica.

This setup also allows us to partner with other International Volunteer Recruitment Agencies to receive more volunteers, and, to recruit volunteers directly online and also from travellers already in Costa Rica.

AVIC operates on a very transparent fees system. The fees we receive from our volunteers go directly towards managing your placement and we try to be as clear as possible by breaking down our fees in the documentation we provide you.

Our fees may also be tax-deductible depending on your country of residence. Please contact our Enrollment Officer for more information about this.

After our 4 days service work, we did three days of some amazing touring things. The hot springs... the zip lining were the highlights.
~ Linsey Bergstrom


our small yet caring and knowledgeable team

AVIC places around 350 volunteers each year. Our small team is very experienced in looking after international travelers in Costa Rica. We look forward to meeting all new arrivals and can’t wait to makie you feel like part of our family.



You will be in contact with Ligia daily. She has a great heart and loves to meet our new arrivals. Ligia has a background in Hotel Management and Hospitality, she will become your friend from day one!

nidia & isabel

Dona Nidia & Dona Isabel

These two families manage our dorm homes. Dona Isabel is also our Dorm Manager, and a great cook! You cannot simply be in better hands here in Costa Rica when it comes to hosting.

don luis

Don Luis

Don Luis is our Business & Management consultant. His involvement is mainly in Organization, Administration and Accounting. D. Luis is a key figure in Costa Rican Business culture.



The Dogsbody. Nat Sleeps, Eats and Lives volunteering. He's been building and managing volunteer programs all over the world for the last 10 years. He’s the powerhouse behind the organization.

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It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.
~Tom Brokaw