Minimum Age: 18 Schedule: Mon - Thur; 4-6h daily
Language Requirements: Int. Spanish Start Dates: Fridays, Every 2 Weeks
Minimum Duration: 2 Weeks Families & Groups: No
Minimum Fee: $824 for 2 week Internet: WIFI Internet
Accomodation: Homestay / Dorms Booking Date: 3 months in advance

Project Overview: Orphanages in Costa Rica are called Hogarcitos or Children?s Homes. Hogarcitos are run by staff members called ?Tias? or aunts. The children?s home is funded by the government and local communities.

The children living in the group homes are waiting to be adopted or are temporarily separated from their parents, until the parent?s issues have been resolved or the children can be returned the family. The staff of the children?s homes provides for the needs of the children and there is a psychologist that visits the home twice a week.

Your Role: The most important role will be to play with the children and organize games for them to play. They love to play games like Red Light Green Light and Sharks and Minnows. Another way that volunteers make a difference is to help the older children with their English homework. While the children have a tutor who comes and works with them, the tutor only helps with the homework that is in Spanish.

Other activities might include changing diapers, helping out in the kitchen, and working on projects at the Tia?s requests.

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